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Top Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business


If you’re failing with Facebook ads here are the 3 things you need to address immediately!

You’re failing because you’re (1) offering an offer that just… well… needs tweaking, (2) targeting the wrong audience, or (3) don’t know how to use Facebook to your advantage.

Yes, Facebook can work for you! Why isn’t it?


What Makes a Great Ad?

There are three essential aspects to a great ad: Look, hook, and took.


I’ll explain. Just hold your horses, there, Silver.


First, you need something that will grab your future client’s attention. Yes, I said “future client.” This thing works for many, and it will work for you! That “something” is a creative image or video. I can’t tell you which image or video will work best for your ad. That’s up to your future clients and what their brains tend to be busy with at the time.


So how do you decide on which image or video to post? Which will capture your future clients’ attention? Easy! You don’t! You let them choose for you. You test, test, test.

Now, how many ads you can test at a time depends on how much you’re willing to invest and how quickly you want results. You want to test each image or video for 24 to 48 hours before moving on. Let me throw this out there, images usually outperform videos.



So what about those videos? Try using testimonials. If you can cover objections in the testimonials, all the better! “I had tried so many different programs that I was ‘programmed’ out… but when I chose to give Freedym a try, I saw how valuable it really was!!!”

“Value? That’s an understatement! I’ve learned so much… Really a must for any entrepreneur no matter what industry or level you are!”—Sharon Holand Gelfand

Your videos can be in longer form, covering case studies. These will be more market-related. A case study is a video with someone talking about their experiences with your product and showing social proof that it really works.


Customizing Your Look

We’ll start with the video side since I only have one thing for you here. You don’t have to leave that goofy face or funny picture of your hand up there as your thumbnail for your video just because that’s what frame Facebook chose! You can change it.

“Oh! Thank Heavens! How?”

You’ll see “Change Video” and “Customize.” Choose “Customize.” You can either upload an image or scroll through the frames of your video until you find one you want to use as a thumbnail. Hwa-la!

When you’re ready to edit your images, it doesn’t have to be a long, hard, drawn-out process!

– Pexels.com is a free site for getting royalty-free images.

– Unsplash.com has free photos,

– You can pay for help through Fiver, but it’s hit or miss.

– 99designs is pay-per-project.


Your ad needs to contain compelling copy that builds a connection between you and your future client.

“But, I’m not a copywriter! Now, what do I do?!”

Writing Compelling Copy

As long as you understand your market and your future clients, edit it, and make it highly converting, you can write compelling copy.

Huh? What…?

It sounds difficult, but it’s really not. How I write my copy outperforms professional copywriters 99% of the time! Part of the reason for this is that they don’t realize Facebook copy is different from sales copy. It differs as far as what you can and cannot say. There’s almost a magic to it.

You start your ad with a question. This is very important. A question calls out your market and homes people in. It actually pulls people’s eyes right to your ad!

Getting Off to a Good Start

Your question must be geared toward the right people, attracting them, and push the wrong people away. For instance, you might ask, “Are you starting a membership site?” This will have an obvious answer: yes or no. If they answer yes, they’ll keep reading. Positive thinking, remember? If their answer is no, the ad will become uninteresting to them, and they’ll keep scrolling.

And just a few notes:

– Get creative with your questions.

– Make them compelling.

– Don’t use negative comments about people.

“Feel, Felt, Found”

Writing compelling copy isn’t about the copy, but about the heart. You must reach people where they are. You have to build emotion—reach them on an emotional level. You have to build a connection with your future clients. This is where “feel, felt, found” comes in. Use these words in your copy.

“Do you feel like an outcast? I felt like that too. I found a way to feel better.” In this way, you’ll show people you understand.

You see, people don’t know you. They don’t care about you. They care about what you can do for them. But, if you felt the way they feel, not only have you found what they need, but you’ve also connected with them on an emotional level. “He understands!” “She feels the way I do!” “I can get better! How did they do it? I’m going to try that too!”

Tips on the Process

I’m just going to give you my two cents here. This is what I do. It may or may not work for you.

– Get into the shoes of the people you’re offering your product to. Who are they? What do they want? Why do they want it? When do they want it? How do they want it? Understand their emotions. Then, you can write to them.

– Write your entire copy first. Edit it after you’re finished.

– “Dumb it down.” No, I’m not saying your future clients are dumb. What I am saying is that they’re busy. They don’t have the time or energy to sit there and muddle through $50 words. Don’t pull out your Oxford dictionary and try to impress your audience. Make it easy to read. Easy to digest. Easy to understand.

– Download the Hemingway app. They also have a desktop app. This will help you in your “dumbing down” efforts. You want your copy to be on a third or fourth-grade This is where the Hemmingway app will place you. It will look at your script and highlight anything out of that range.

If it’s yellow, it’s not super bad, but you should probably restructure the sentence to make it simpler. If it’s red, do a deep re-fix! I use this every single time I write ad copy. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your lead generation!

Copy Length

Getting your copy to the right length may be difficult. I still have a hard time.

“I can write long script. No problem there!”

That’s the problem, Joe! …Long script. You want your copy to be as short as you can make it yet still say everything you would say in that long script. Yeah, I saw your jaw hit the floor. You can pick it up now. You want to get as much information in as you can before that little “see more” button pops up.



You want your future client to take your offer “hook, line, and sinker.” That’s the idea of the ad, right? How can he do that with just a Look and a Hook? We’ve got a pretty picture—Yay for us!We’ve got a wonderful copy—Yahoo! Now what? Now we reel them in.

The Call to Action

You must have your call to action at the end of your ad. It must be easy to follow, and it must be followed by a URL. “This is what you need to do to get what we’re offering you. Go here to do it.” What’s an ad without a lead? Useless. Make sure you have your call to action!

n previous posts about LinkedIn, I’ve written that hosting a LinkedIn Groupis by far the best way to build a community, connect with potential new clients and drive more traffic back to your blog. And there’s one more thing (at least).

LinkedIn Groups

can be a great source of new subscribers for your blog or email list. But, most Group owners/managers miss this one key place to encourage new subscribers…


The last time you joined a LinkedIn group, what happened?Most likely you received a generic welcome email.

Generic LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

While this looks nice, it doesn’t provide much information and there’s nothing personal about it. I don’t even know who the Group owner is. And, it’s a missed opportunity.

I believe most group owners don’t realize they can customize the default welcome message. This is where you want to warmly welcome your new member and invite them to visit your blog AND get a free report, videos, white paper, your newsletter, etc., by joining your list. About 25% of the members who join my Online Visibility Boost group, click through the link on the welcome message they receive and get my free Visibility Boost Tips.

LinkedIn Custom Group Welcome Message

Isn’t that message from the Linked Strategies group warmer and more welcoming?

How do you customize the Welcome Message?

Edit the LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

1. Click on the Manage Tab at the top of your Group page.

2. Click on Templates in the left sidebar

3. Click on Create/Edit Template next to Welcome Message.

If you have a private group and manually accept members vs. letting people join automatically, you can also create custom messages for people who request to join your group, people you decline, and block.

Pretty simple, right? Here’s the custom message I send to those who join my group:

Customize LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

Remember: always add a call to action in your welcome message. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. 🙂

Now, to give credit where credit is due, I learned this tip from Lewis Howes when I studied his program. . Seems so obvious, right? Yet since I’ve been actively joining and particpating in LinkedIn groups, I’ve only received a couple of custom welcome messages that included links and a call to action. You can take the lead in your niche, stand out from your competitors and build your list if you implement this one tactic today.


The email blueprint

email blueprint

It is virtually impossible (and not practical) to cover all these triggers in one email.

But when you map out a series of emails, step-by-step that cover all these triggers, you can successfully lead your tribe towards your end goal.


This one should deliver your optin freebie – the cool thing that you promised them when they signed up.

Then ask them about their challenges. Find out what they are struggling with in relation to your business. This is always the most opened email in a sequence (I’ve seen over 70% open rate) and the perfect time to find out more about how you can help your new super fan.


Introduce yourself. Sounds simple, but don’t assume your new subscriber knows anything about you.

Tell your story in context of why they should care. What’s your back story? How does this relate to how you can help them?

Reference your opt-in hook again. Be interested; ask what they learnt from it. This gives you a chance to deliver it again (include another link to download) as well as finding out what results they’ve gotten (gold to share in email #6)


Give value.

Teach them how to do something related to their problems and your products – help them to get a step closer to a result.

Share a story of success such as a case study from an existing customer. Relate it to one of their problems – which you found out from email #1


Give more value.

Share one of your very best ‘secrets’.

Share some of the responses you’ve had to the freebie they signed up for (be real and authentic about this, no yucky made up stuff).

Make your fans feel part of a community by showing them how others are benefiting.


Give even more value.

Teach or show them how to do something related to your product.

Share another story, one that establishes your authority and credibility in your field.   Answer their question ‘why should I trust you?’


Show social proof.

Show that your product works with testimonials and case studies.

Now time to tease in the offer that you will make them in the next email. Create some anticipation around a special vip/subscriber offer coming soon.


Scarcity (this is the most important trigger for driving sales)

Open up your offer. Make it for limited time or limited numbers.

This is a simple email – the sequence you’ve created does all the hard lifting for you – this one simply opens the shop front.


So, If you’ve been struggling to come up with content for your ‘newsletter’ or are not getting the responses you want from your email list,   follow the plan and start seeing your fans convert into super fans and customers.


Let’s talk about quiz funnels…

We’ve been experimenting with them about them, and we’re pumped to open your eyes to them!

Here are 5 reasons why quiz funnels are powerful:

Reason #1 – quiz funnels help you generate incredibly cheap leads. Oftentimes when someone is not using a quiz they’re using a traditional funnel, so they might be paying $2.50 to get people to a webinar, for example. They could cut their cost per lead down to one third to one-tenth of the cost with a quiz funnel.

Reason #2 – the volume of leads is higher. Ryan has seen that people who have moved to using a quiz funnel have been able to grow their list by 10-80 times the size of their list. For example, there’s a consultant who added a quiz funnel on his site and went from 800 leads a month to 10,000 leads a month. Now, in less than a year he is making $100,000 a month on the back of his quiz funnel. Ryan was also collecting about 52,000 email subscribers every day across multiple markets with all the quizzes he was utilizing.

Reason #3 – incredibly valuable data. Quiz funnels are an incredibly powerful way to get data on your audience beyond just a name and email. For example, if you are in the golf market and you have a quiz, you can learn if someone is left-handed, right-handed, how far they hit the ball off the tee, their biggest challenge when it comes to hitting the ball, or whether they tend to slice it or hook it. Now that becomes part of your database. Instead of having a CRM with just names and emails, you have all these data points along the way.

Reason #4 – high sales conversion. When you customize your copy and your offer based on a person’s quiz answers, you can often double or triple your sales conversion rate.

Reason #5 – it’s not just a better sell, but also you are better serving your audience. Your customer wins because you are able to deliver a better experience. For example, if someone comes to the Hustle and Flowchart site brand new, and picks the most recent episode to listen to, it may or may not be a good fit. Instead, you can ask them to tell you a little more about themselves and where they are right now and recommend the best three episodes for them to get started with.

Boom! Now that you know how powerful quiz funnels can be…



  • If you’re new and don’t know where to start, don’t worry! This is the perfect email sequence for you to shortcut the learning process, which can deliver you the highest amount of profit for your online venture in an ethical and strategic way.

    I have used this exact sequence    to generate well into the 6 figures in many different niches. The principle and psychology behind the emails work fantastically well.

    Let’s get started.

    EMAIL 1 – The Opening Email When to send: Immediately

    The first email, the opening email, the welcome email. Whatever you call it, the first email in your autoresponder welcome series is very important.


Firstly did you know 50-60% of all welcome emails get opened, on average? That is very high! In other more competitive industries this could be anywhere from 5%-20%, which is still very high compared to other emails at other points in the follow-up process.

The first email always gets a very unusually high open-rate. This provides you with a good opportunity to get your most important message across.

What should you be sending in this first email?

1 – A thank you for their subscription.
2 – The lead magnet you promised them on the previous page (e.g. the free report to download).
3 – Tell them what to expect next, i.e. more emails from you about the topic they opted in for.

SUBJECT: Thank you, don’t forget your download…

Hey, [YOUR NAME] here…

Thank you for subscribing to my list and gaining access to the [NAME OF YOUR FREE LEAD MAGNET GOES HERE].

Firstly here is a link to download the [NAME OF YOUR FREE LEAD MAGNET GOES HERE]: [DOWNLOAD LINK GOES HERE]
I hope you enjoy it!
First, if you haven’t already guessed, I am [YOUR NAME]. It’s great to meet you!


Secondly, I will be emailing you over the next coming days – starting tomorrow – about something you’ll find pretty surprising (in a good way!).

So keep an eye on your email inbox for emails from [YOUR NAME] to make sure you don’t miss my goodies.

Speak tomorrow!


EMAIL 2 – The Proof Email
When to send: 1 day after your welcome email

Over 72% of people are willing to trust a testimonial from someone they have never met. Social proof works and works wonders.

Showing somebody a testimonial about a product shows the prospect other people have purchased it and found it worth purchasing.

Always try and showcase proof that shows the outcome that the product or service provides, if possible.

e.g. Your product teaches how to lose 5lbs in 1 week. The ideal testimonial to show as proof is a customer who has achieved the desired results. Example – “I lost 5lbs in 6 days using the fat buster program”.

If you’re selling your own product, in the email itself add a review from a customer. This could be a screenshot, tweet, message, or anything similar.

If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can still do this with affiliate products. A lot of the time these products have reviews and proof on their sales pages. You could use that as 3rd party proof.

SUBJECT: proof this works…

Hey, [YOUR NAME] here…

I hope you enjoyed the [GIVEAWAY] in the previous email about [INFO HERE].

I have a product called [NAME] which helps you [BENEFIT HERE].


This product works and does [OUTCOME]. Check out what [NAME] said about this: [PROOF SCREENSHOT]
and [NAME] said:



[NAME] said:


These are people who got access to [PRODUCT NAME] and are getting great results.

If you also want to get [OUTCOME/RESULT] you can too by getting access to [PRODUCT NAME] at the link below:



EMAIL 3 – The “Show Me” Email
When to send: 1 day after your last email

By now your prospect is somewhat aware of the product or service you are selling.

In the “show me email”, you want to directly show t hem the product. Ideally, you want to give them a demo of the actual product.

If it’s a piece of software, record a screen video showing you using the software and explaining all the features and benefits of it. If it’s an information training product, give them a walkthrough of the member’s area (but make sure you don’t reveal anything that is only f or customers).

The main thing is to provide a detailed review covering everything that this product does, as well as the features and benefits. Make sure it’s thorough and gives them the complete picture.

This email gives them all the information they need so far.

When using this sequence in multiple businesses myself, I have seen sales start to trickle in at this stage. By now the prospect has actually seen the results this product can deliver to someone else (the proof email) and how this product can help them, by giving them a product walkthrough and listing all the features and benefits.

SUBJECT: Here’s your insider access…


Hey, [YOUR NAME] here…

Over the last few days I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about [PRODUCT NAME], so I decided to record a quick video walking you through it, all behind the scenes.

You can watch it at the link below:
I really couldn’t believe it until I saw it for myself.

See you there!

EMAIL 4 – The Engagement Email When to send: 1 day after your last email

No, we are not going to propose to the prospect! 🙂

We want to engage their attention. This email is short and sweet.

We want to ask the prospect a question related to the product or service we are selling.

Ask them if they have any questions or queries related to the product, which you are happy to answer for them.

SUBJECT: questions??

What did you think about the product demo I sent you yesterday? Do you have any questions about [PRODUCT NAME]?
If you do, hit reply and let me know.
I’m here to answer your questions.



EMAIL 5 – The “Questions And Answers” Email When to send: 2 days after your last email

Using the feedback and replies you get from the previous email, compile a list of the 10 most pressing questions people asked about the product.

If you don’t have any responses yet, think about the most common questions you’d get and write about those.

(Tip: If you’re selling an affiliate product, a lot of sales pages have a Q&A section. So you could use these, obviously citing they are from the sales page as well as using feedback from the previous email.)

List out these questions with the answers below.

This Q&A email addresses the questions people have in their mind about the product and answers them. This is a powerful email as it can clear the objections they have around the product as well as answering their questions.

SUBJECT: Your answers = revealed

Hey, [YOUR NAME] here…

A couple of days ago I sent you an email asking if you had any questions about [PRODUCT NAME]. A lot of you replied – thank you for responding!

There were a lot of questions that came up often, so I thought I would reveal the answers to everybody in this email, as I know there will be people on this list having the same questions but didn’t respond to the email.

Hopefully, these questions and answers help you out:

Question 1 – Answer =


Question 2 – Answer =

Question 3 – Answer =

Question 4 – Answer =

Question 5 – Answer =

Now there’s just one thing left to do…




P.S. If you still do have questions, just reply to this email and I will be happy to answer them for you 🙂

EMAIL 6 – The “Fence Sitter” Email When to send: 1 day after your last email

The last email in this sequence. By now the prospect should have all the information required to make a buying decision.

They have proof, a thorough product walkthrough and answers to the most common questions.

They should know if this is something that is for them or not. However, a lot of people like to sit on the fence, dibble and dabble whether they should purchase the product or not.

This email “the fence sitter” is the gentle push that these people need.

So you should create some urgency and scarcity in this email. A reason to act now and not wait until later.


This can be done in a few ways. For example:

1 – Set a limited 24-48 hour window to get the product at a discounted rate, before the price goes back up.
2 – Give them a discount code which is only valid for 48 hours to get the discount.

Only do this if you will actually be raising the price, or if the discount code is in fact only valid for a limited time.

I have seen a sales page where the countdown timer hits zero and then it just continues at the low price. Don’t do this as this loses trust with your prospects. Make sure to use truthful urgency or scarcity in this email.

If you’re selling an affiliate product, obviously you can’t do this as you don’t own the product. However, the same effect can be achieved by being a little creative.

I have created a sense of urgency and scarcity when promoting affiliate products by offering a unique bonus that I own – either PLR products or content I’ve created myself.

The bonus could be an additional complimentary report or video tightly related to the product itself. I would then use this bonus report as leverage in my promotion.

So for all the people who purchase the affiliate product through me, I would say something about them getting my exclusive report/video/product as a bonus.

Then I could use urgency and scarcity by saying “only people who purchase this product through me in the next 48 hours will get this exclusive bonus”.

This works very well as it not only creates urgency and scarcity, but also creates the fear of missing out. Without getting too psychological these are very powerful selling techniques.

Option A – Selling your own products:

SUBJECT: 48 hours to get this

Hey, [YOUR NAME] here…
So in the last few emails, I have given you a lot of information about [PRODUCT NAME]. But I wanted to tell you that NOW is your time to get this.

In 48 hours’ time, the price will actually be rising massively.
Why would you pay more than you have to?
If you get it within the next 48 hours you get it at the highly discounted rate. Don’t delay, grab your deal here:

See you there,

– OR – Option B – Selling an affiliate product:

SUBJECT: 48 hours to get this (with my bonus)

Hey, [YOUR NAME] here…

So in the last few emails, I have given you a lot of information about [PRODUCT NAME].

I want to tell you that NOW is your time to get this.

As for the next 48 hours only, I am giving away my exclusive BONUS – [NAME OF BONUS] – to everybody who gets this product.

The bonus [NAME] includes:
– [FEATURE], so you can [BENEFIT]. – [FEATURE], so you can [BENEFIT]. – [FEATURE], so you can [BENEFIT].

This is a great BONUS that will help you get even more from [PRODUCT NAME] But I here’s the catch…

I am pulling this bonus down in 48 hours, so get this [PRODUCT] now to get this bonus for FREE.

Don’t delay, grab your deal here:


See you there,

EMAIL 7 – The “Last Chance” Email
When to send: 2 days after your last email (Final day)

This is the final email in the sequence and is the final push to get people to buy now, as you really play on the urgency factor. Whether that be the product price goes up at a certain time, or if you’re selling an affiliate product, you pulling down your exclusive bonus.

The goal of this email is to basically remind them that time is ticking. The deal you have will only be available for another few hours. So they need to make that buying decision now.

Remember you actually need to raise the price of the product you are selling or pull down the bonus you are offering. Not doing this defeats the object of using this tactic and loses trust with your prospects.

The fear of missing out will enter the prospect’s mind and this will help convert more people making the decision to buy and take action. This results in a spike in sales during the closing window of this welcome sequence.

Option A – Selling your own products:

SUBJECT: last chance, this expires soon…


Just a quick email to remind you that the price on [PRODUCT NAME] is rising in a few hours.


This is your last chance to get this at the discounted price because as soon as [TIME] arrives the price will be rising!

Remember the price at the moment is [PRICE] which is a fantastic discount on the original price of [NORMAL PRICE].


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